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TULUM, Mexico
April 5-9, 2022


We invite you to the exclusive dance retreat.

This is a high-quality organized adventure, the purpose of which is to take you away from everyday life, to restart your body, mind, and soul.


  • Dance classes, female practices from the best mentors
  • Yoga practice for a good mood
  • The most powerful meditations that will truly open your eyes
  • Healthy and comfortable sleep
  • Healthy, and most importantly, properly balanced nutrition


  • Three real Tulum ceremonies in the jungle
  • Lectures that will reveal the truth to you
  • Delicious restaurants and shopping
  • Themed party that will immerse you in the right atmosphere
  • Excursion to mystical cenotes

 Where: Tulum, Mexico – a legendary place of power and spiritual change.

RETREAT is about unity with nature and a new perception of oneself.  This is an opportunity to get away from the bustle of the city and get closer to your true nature.  This is going beyond the usual life, a complete change of “scenery” and the opportunity to know yourself as new, free from the past concepts and beliefs.

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Here is a video of our past retreat to Tulum.