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Welcome! My name is LaUra, and I am the proud owner of iDance Studio. As a teenager my dream was to be a professional belly dancer. This dream propelled me to study and perform in the Middle East, where I immersed myself in the culture, history and technique of this art form. It drove me to compete in numerous festivals and conventions, and to share my choreography with the world in showcases. Through love and desire, I was able to manifest my dream, and achieve the life I had always wanted for myself.

I created iDance Studio as a place where anyone can come and learn how to manifest the life that they desire. Dance holds power and magic, an ability to bring you what you need in your life. Whether you want to find your path, heal your body, mind, or spirit, or manifest your own deepest dreams, iDance can guide you on your way.

  • Laura Prokopenko

    CEO & Founder

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Belly dance

Belly dance is a unique way of showing female sexuality and femininity. No doubt, the dance is exotic and graceful.
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Wedding dance

Wedding dance is one of the most elegant and impressive parts of the celebration.
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Hip Hop for Kids

It’s important to give all-around development to a person in the childhood.
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Lezginka – the Caucasian dance- with its dynamic movements and fast pace music bewitches you the moment you feel it.
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Divine dance

The Divine Dance explores the early Christian image of the Trinity: perichoresis, a circle dance. The unending flow of giving and receiving between Father, Son, and Spirit is the pattern of reality. God is not only a dancer, but the Dance itself! We’re all invited to participate into the rhythms of New Creation.
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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.
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Uzbek Dance

Uzbek dance, a vivid personification of the beauty of Uzbek culture at large, is uniquely expressive. An emphasis on complex, demonstrative hand movements and rich facial expressions differentiates this country’s dance traditions. Within Uzbek dance itself, there are two common types: traditional classical dance and folk dance.
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Flamenco, in its strictest sense, is a professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia. In a wider sense, the term refers to a variety of Spanish musical styles developed as early as the 19th century.
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What Our Customers
Are Saying!!

      We hired Laura to help us with a wedding dance rehearsal. We had only couple of weeks to prepare. Laura handled everything beautifully, making us feel comfortable and confident in the process. Very happy with results. Thank you, Laura!

    thumb Felix B.

      This place is great. I will definitely recommend this studio to those who want to discover the new sights of life.

    thumb Michelle L.

      I've been taking bellydance lessons and classes with LaUra for a few years.  She is a great teacher and choreographer, with a good sense of a persons strengths and weaknesses. I get alot out of each and every class.  Highly recommend!!

    thumb Vivian S.

      My husband and I took 2 private wedding choreography classes with Laura to prepare for our Big Day recently.  Thanks to Laura's instruction, we learned a beautiful, meaningful routine that was original and unique to us, but easy to learn even for our two left feet.  And it only took 2 sessions!

    Our first dance at our wedding was a big hit with everyone: we got many compliments on it and were very happy with the end result (can't wait to see it on our wedding video!). We both are not the greatest slow dancers, so this was no small feat. I am really grateful we came to iDance for help, as it was nothing but a fantastic learning experience. Highly recommend!

    thumb Dee T.

      Professional instructors who make class a lot of fun! Would highly recommend to anyone!

    thumb Anna F.

Our instructors

All We Do Begins With Your Story and Ends With Your Success!

Laura Prokopenko

Founder / Belly Dance teacher

LaUra was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and came to NY 20 years ago. LaUra\'s attraction and passion for dance flourished over the years. Ballet school evolved to practices of Russian and Uzbek folklore dancing under the supervision of well-known professionals back home. She began her professional career as a belly dancer in Lebanon, then toured around the Middle East - Lebanon (Beirut), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Yemen (Aden) as well as in Switzerland and India. Goal of iDance studio is to share the knowledge and continue introducing people to the world dance styles.


Flamenco Dance Teacher

Natalya Basava began her dance and gymnastics training at age 7 in Belarus, her home country. She traveled the world as part of the Belarusian State Circus ballet group, and while in Spain discovered flamenco. Her fascination with this art form continued after moving to NYC where she started to take regular flamenco classes with Spanish dancer-teacher Dionisia Garcia. She has performed at various venues and private parties around NYC and Jersey City as part of the \"Cadencia dancers\" flamenco dance group. Natalya also conducts annual master classes every summer in Bela


Belly Dance teacher

Ilana began her dance journey at 10 with iDance Studio, studying with LaUra and other master teachers including Mohamed Shahin, Randa Kamel, and Oxana Baezeva. She has competed in multiple competitions and is proud to bring all she has learned to her beginner belly dance classes.


Belly Dance teacher

Born in Kazakhstan, Irina is a professional belly dancer, teacher and performer. The winner of several competitions, she has been dancing for over 15 years, and teaching for over 10. She teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups, with classes for both kids and adults, in all styles of belly dance, including oriental, Egyptian, and folk. Her teaching style blends a thorough education in movement and technique with an in depth focus on the culture and meaning of the dance, and musicality.

Zurab Dudashvili

Lezginka Dance Teacher

Zurab Dudashvili is a dancer, choreographer, and soloist with the Georgian National Academic Ensemble Rustavi and the National Academic Ballet Sukhishvili, and has performed in many ballet productions and musicals. He is currently teaching Lezginka, with both private and group classes for kids and adults in iDance studio.


Burlesque Dance Teacher

Dancer, choreographer, and actress Aubrey (stage name Enshara/Vex) has been dancing practically since she could walk and performing belly dance and burlesque for over ten years. Her style combines classic movement with both retro and modern music, and she focuses on giving individual attention in technique and persona development to each student.

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