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Dance school iDance Studio

3 reasons to dance with us

Belly dance is one of the most accommodating form of dancing when it comes to body shapes and sizes.

Belly dancing reduces stress and helps you build self-confidence. Be the QUEEN you were always meant to be!!!

Travel and perform with us at various belly dance festivals all across the United States.

Dear Friends,

Welcome! My name is LaUra, and I am the proud owner of iDance Studio! Since I was a teenager, I have always dreamt of becoming a professional Belly Dancer, of being part of the theater, performing arts and stage shows. I was only 13 years old when I was introduced to this beautiful art form and I still perform it with passion and love. I am happy that the time has come when I can share all of my knowledge and experience with you in a private and personal manner in my studio’s comfortable space and pass on my experience and happiness that this art form can offer you. I am here to help and explain and train you, so that you too can participate in this amazing art form and express yourself freely. Let’s dance and make it happen!!!

Questions? Call us !!!
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Sunday November 29th, 2015 at 4pm-7pm Buy, Sell and Swap your amazing loved costumes and accessorys. For more info go to workshops page!!! http://idance-nyc.com/workshops/

Holiday Student SHOW Dec 13th

The time has come to show off what you have learned with iDance! Our talented students will perform dance numbers choreographed by iDance Studio's instructors: Aisha, Sogdiana, LaUra and Anastasia.  Come support our students and show them some love. There is nothing more precious than to see the progress that each one of our students makes on their dancing path! Tickets are available at the iDance Studio and here!!! The ticket price is $45 per adult (purchase in advance) or $55 at the door, which includes a three-course menu prepared by the amazing chef of Galaxy Restaurant. Kids tickets are $10 per child (children will have a separate table with kids' menu). Space is limited (only 50 seating spots are available), so please make sure to get your tickets as early as possible.See you there!    IDANCE STUDIO SHOW DEC13TH, 2015 1 TICKET (ADULT) $45.00 USD 2 TICKETS (ADULT) $90.00 USD 3 TICKETS (ADULT) $135.00 USD 1 TICKET (CHILD) $10.00 USD 2 TICKETS (CHILD) $20.00 USD 3 TICKETS (CHILD) $30.00 USD www.galaxyny.comAddress: 816 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223

3-DAY 20% SALE!!!

20% sale on iDance classes!!! Limit up to 2 packages per person!!! All the merchandise sold at the studio is also 20% off till Monday, November 30th 2015.    3 day 20% SALE!!! HURRY 4 Classes BellyDance KIDS/ADULTS $60.00 USD 8 Classes BellyDance KIDS/ADULTS $116.00 USD 12 Classes BellyDance ADULTS $168.00 USD 16 Classes BellyDance KIDS/ADULTS $212.00 USD UNLIMITED PACKAGE ADULTS (excluding 2hr class) $200.00 USD 4 Classes WMB KIDS $92.00 USD 8 Classes WMB KIDS $172.00 USD 2-MONTH IDANCE PACKAGE KIDS $320.00 USD


Ballet class for kids with Diana!!! Every Tusday and Thursday at 6:00pm-7:30pm WORLD DANCE KIDS 1,5 hour class 45 min Ballet +45min/World/Modern dance and choreography.    






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