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Dance school iDance Studio

3 reasons to dance with us

Belly dance is one of the most accommodating form of dancing when it comes to body shapes and sizes.

Belly dancing reduces stress and helps you build self-confidence. Be the QUEEN you were always meant to be!!!

Travel and perform with us at various belly dance festivals all across the United States.

Dear Friends,

Welcome! My name is LaUra, and I am the proud owner of iDance Studio! Since I was a teenager, I have always dreamt of becoming a professional Belly Dancer, of being part of the theater, performing arts and stage shows. I was only 13 years old when I was introduced to this beautiful art form and I still perform it with passion and love. I am happy that the time has come when I can share all of my knowledge and experience with you in a private and personal manner in my studio’s comfortable space and pass on my experience and happiness that this art form can offer you. I am here to help and explain and train you, so that you too can participate in this amazing art form and express yourself freely. Let’s dance and make it happen!!!

Questions? Call us !!!
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Flamenco Oriental Workshop with Tatiana Perez from Germany

Tatiana Perez is a talented BellyDancer, Singer and Actress.Originally from Moscow, Russia, Tatiana graduated from School of Musical Artists.From 2010 she was a judge on a TV show "Got2Dance" on Persia TV Channel.In 2012 Tatiana started her own TV Show "Tatiana's Dance World".Our guest traveled all over the world with her very own show on Aida Cruises. Currently she lives in Germany and works very hard on her new solo show that will feature bellydance and latin dance, her songs and even Stand Up Comedy. Space is limited. To register go to: www.iDance-NYC.com/workshops/ Get tickets to the concert here:  http://mastertheater.com/tales_of_the_orient_2016/ To learn more about Tatiana go to: https://www.facebook.com/Tatiana-Perez-The-World-of-Middle-Eastern-Latin-Entertainment-94080814698/?viewer_id=840990060

Double Veil Workshop with Petite Jamilla

Learn from the Master of Double Veil Art!With an award winning style that escapes definition, and talent that is inescapable, Petite Jamilla will blow you mind!Take advantage of this opportunity now!to register:www.iDance-NYC.com/workshops/

Tales Of The Orient 2016

Get Your Tickets HERE! Mastertheater.com: http://mastertheater.com/tales_of_the_orient_2016/ Ticketsny.com:  http://ticketsny.com/en/events/2016-master-theatre/tales-of-the-orient Ruconcert.com: http://www.ruconcert.com/tour/TALES-OF-THE-ORIENT-2016 If You Want To Buy Tickets in Queens. Please Call to Mila: 718 897 45 00 Group's Tickets is HERE! GROUP TICKETS SALE 10+2 Free $45.00 $450.00 USD 10+2 Free $35.00 $350.00 USD 15+2 Free $20.00 $300.00 USD About TOTO Be ready to get immersed into the magical realm of dance in this 2-hour dance showcase featuring dance styles from all over the world. The enchanting sounds of world music will take you places you’ve never traveled before. The dazzling costumes, spellbinding rhythms and exhilarating fusion of various dance styles will take your breath away! LaUra and iDanceStudio are organizing this concert for the second year with the purpose of taking the art of belly dance and other dance genres to a higher level and giving dance students, as well as experienced performers, a chance to showcase their work on the professional stage. Be a part of Tales of the Orient 2016 Want to perform with us and showcase your art on beautiful stage of Master Theater? E-mail us at talesoftheorientnyc@gmail.com with all needed info and if you got what it takes, well, the stage is all yours! What we need: We are looking for unique solo and group numbers (oriental, tribal, bollywood, Indian, fusion styles and anything in-between). The time limit is 3 minutes for solos and up to 4 minutes for groups. Group numbers should consist of 4-15 participants. What we want in your e-mail: Your/troupe’s name and short info about you/troupe Video from your/troupe’s performance Contact info such as web-site (if any), name and phone of the leader of the troupe. When we need it: Auditions deadline is March 1st, 2016 Sponsor TOTO 2016 Of course organizing any type of event requires a lot of resources and effort. We’ve put an amazing team together to work on Tales of the Orient 2016 but it is not only human recourses that are needed but financial ones as well. Plus this year Tales of the Orient will donate money to Orange Penguin foundation that helps children with special needs (www.orangepenguin.org). If you or your business is interested in sponsoring Tales of the Orient we have sponsorship packages available. To discover all the benefits of sponsoring TOTO 2016 and request the packages please e-mail us at TalesOfTheOrientNYC@gmail.com Call Us: 917 332 8474 (Laura) 917 683 7870 (Zulfiya) Advertise with TOTO 2016 At TOTO 2014 we had designed concert brochures that contained concert info, concert program, sponsors pages and various ads from different businesses, which every guest received for FREE as they entered the theater. The Master Theater’s capacity is 1360 seats which give you and your business exposure to at least 1360 people who are your potential customers. Advertising at TOTO 2016 is a great opportunity to get out there and let more people know about your great business. If you wish to place an ad for your business in our brochure you can choose one of the following: Full Page Ad (4.74”x7.74”) 100$ Half Page Ad (4.74”x3.68”) 60$ We will accept files at least 300 DPI in PDF and JPG formats. Ads that do not meet that requirement will not be accepted. We support Orange Pernguin LaUra and iDance studio are proud to announce that TOTO 2016 will donate money to Orange Penguin Foundation. Orange Penguin Fondation runs different programs to help people with special needs to improve their social, educational, communicational and physical abilities. Board of Orange Penguin Foundation includes developers, teachers, parents of children with disabilities and business owners. Orange Penguin’s vision is: Any person with special needs has to have the access to necessary technologies. Orange Penguin’s goal is to combine the effort with assistive and occupational therapists as well as other partnering teams in the assistive technologies field in adapting and providing generally available devices, equipment, information and other services to people with special needs. How will TOTO 2016 donate:We have created a special code #TalesforPenguin which a person can use at checkout when purchasing tickets on-line for TOTO 2016. With this code TOTO will donate $5 from each purchased ticket on-line. The total amount of donation will be announced right after the TOTO 2016.


  Rent our studio for your next rehearsal, meeting, private class, auditions.  650ft2 Wood Parquet; Portble freestanding ballet barres; Mirrors; Audio Equipment; Air-conditioning For short/long term Rental Peak hours (5pm-9pm) Week days and Weekends 1-3 people: $40 / hour 4-8 people: $60/ hour 9 people and up: $100/ an hour Off peak hours (9am-5pm) 1-3 people: $20 / hour 4-8 people: $30/ hour 9 people and up: $50/ an hour All day Rental (9am-9pm) All day $250.00 We are located in Master Theater (former Millenium) at 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603 2nd floor (BACKSTAGE) Trains: B, Q to Brighton Beach For more info call:  585-584-1914 917-332-8474  

+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603