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Regular Classes

Adult Classes 

Belly Dance
60 min class
Drop in $20
4 classes package $ 75
8 classes package $ 145
12 classes package $ 210
16 classes package $ 265
Unlimited package
(excludes any 2 hours classes)
$ 250


Rules and Requirements:

1. All payments  (studio packages or unlimited packages) MUST be made on 1st day of each month (first class attended in new month). If iDance Studio doesn’t receive a payment, you won’t be allowed to attend classes.  
2. The ONLY reason you will be able to keep unused classes (transfer them to new card) is if you were sick and you will provide iDance Studio with proper documentation.
Attention!  Classes missed due to vacations and getaways won’t be transferrable to new card.
3. If you used up all the classes from your package and still would like to attend classes in current month but do not wish to purchase another package, you can always get drop-in classes.
4. NO partial payments will be accepted for packages. All packages MUST be paid in full.
5.Each student will be provided with classes card which will help you track your classes.
Teens, Juniors and Kids classes

Our Studio Offers the Following Subscriptions:

Teens (3x a week) per month $ 200
Juniors (2x a week) per month $ 145
Kids (2x a week) per month $ 120
Registration Rules: 

Please note that this school year we want to focus on creating dance groups that will represent iDance Studio at various events and showcases.

Groups are formed according to the age of students:

  1. BellyDance Group Teens (age 12-16)
  2. BellyDance Group Juniors (age 7-11)
  3. BellyDance Group Kids (age 5-7)

How will the groups form:

  1. Each group must have at least 6 members signed up in order for a group to exist.
  2. Groups with less than 6 signed up members will not have own class and will be combined with other groups or dismissed.
  3. Each group will have at least 2 classes a week.
  4. Classes in Kids groups will be 45 minutes long; classes in Teens and Juniors - 1 hour long.
  5. There will be no drop-in option for classes. Once the groups are formed and the registration is closed, new students may join the desired group starting with the 1st day of a new month. (subject to teachers’ approval )
  6. All payments will be made monthly according to the price list below.
  7. All payments are final.
  8. There will be at least 2 performances per school year for each group.

Other rules:

1.There will be a late fee of $10 on overdue payments. 

2.There will be a $25 charge for bad checks. 

3. No extensions,refunds or transfers cannot be made to any membership program under any circumstances. 

4. Subscriptions are non-transferable, non-refundable.

5. Subscriptions can be put on hold by a student/parent due to various reasons: illness, vacation etc. but will only remain on hold up to 2 month. After that subscription will be taken off hold automatically and expire within the amount of time left on it.  

6. Subscriptions do not include any costume fees, rehearsal fees etc. All of extra fees must be paid upon request.

+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603