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Tribal Belly Dance Classes NY

Tribal belly dance Classes 




We have Katie Grace teaching 

 6-7pm American Tribal Styleâ

 7-8pm Tribal fusion belly dance Class 7-8pm




 Tribal belly dance Class – is a fusion of classic belly dance and traditional dances like Spanish Flamenco, Indian Katkhak, African MAGRIB tribal dances layered onto modern dance techniques.  Beautiful hip-moves, snake arms and graceful postures following various music styles from techno and electronic powerful beats to heart-breaking sounds of Armenian Duduk. Just imagine the world’s most beautiful dances, complementing the nature of woman’s body set into a single choreography – that will be a tribal fusion belly dance.

Joining the tribal fusion class, you’ll strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, challenge your balance and coordination and revile a lot of hidden muscles in your body. Isolation, layering and full body control are the key principles of tribal belly dance techniques. While practicing the original choreography you’ll also learn to follow the music, express its character, use the best of your acting skills and become a fairytale dancing goddess.


American Tribal Styleâ - (ATSâ) – is a dance-world created by Carolena Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance Studio in California. Despite the name of the studio, ATSâ does have the classic belly dance moves and postures, changed and mixed with different dancing cultures – Spanish, Indian, Gypsy, Afro and even Balkan. ATSâ is a social type of dance, where a group of women dance together improvising and drawing a choreography of a dance while performing it. It’s an amazing way to meet new friends, challenge your musicality and multitasking: your hips will go into fast shimmy-shake, while the chest will create a smooth body-wave, hands rotating floreos and playing finger-cymbals…..please don’t forget to listen to that baladi rythm and smile!!!!

            ATSâ class is for a real perfectionists who love drilling the perfect body moves, eager to bring their coordination to new level, create a strong dancer’s body and learn how to play with music, rhythms and performance space. ATS dancers all over the world are supporting each other and study this dancing language together. Feel this joy of dancing community by taking the ATSâ class!



+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603