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September Registration (Teens/Juniors/Kids)

Dear Friends!

iDance Studio is happy to announce that we have started the registration for young students to come and learn the art of dancing with us! The registration is open NOW until September 10th, 2017.

The classes will begin on September 9th according with the schedule.

Please note that this school year we want to focus on creating dance groups that will represent iDance Studio at various events and showcases.

Registration is open now for the following groups:

  1. BellyDance Group Teens (age 12-16)
  2. BellyDance Group Juniors (age 7-11)
  3. BellyDance Group Kids (age 5-7)
  4. Modern and Folk Dance Teens (age 12-16)
  5. Modern and Folk Dance Juniors (age 7-11)
  6. Modern and Folk Dance Kids (age 5-7)

How will the groups form:

  1. Each group must have at least 6 members signed up in order for it to exist.
  2. Groups with less than 6 signed up members will not have own class and will be combined with other group or dismissed.
  3. Each group will have at least 2 classes a week.
  4. There will be no drop-in option for classes. Once the groups are formed and the registration is closed, new students may join the desired group starting with the 1st day of a new month. (subject to teachers’ approval )
  5. All payments will be made monthly according to the price list below.
  6. All payments are final.
  7. There will be at least 2 performances per school year for each group.

Price list:

  1. Group Teens in all styles - $200 (approx. 12 classes a month)
  2. Group Juniors in all styles - $145 a month (approx. 8 classes a month)
  3. Group Kids in all styles - $120 a month (approx. 8 classes a month 45 minutes classes).

 Call studio to register : 

917 3328474

585 5841914

+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603