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What is the Swing

Swing dancing is a group of dances that are combined and usually go to the beat of jazz music. This was a popular dance in the past that many people had learned. It has many different moves that can go along with it, and depending on the advancement that you’re at while dancing it, you may be able to pull off some of the more trickier moves.

Swing in dance studio Idance

The initial part of the dance is one of the easiest moves to learn, and once you have that then you can become creative with the rest of the dance movements as you go. There are a few specific dance additions that can be done depending on what the teacher is able to teach you. The box move however, is the first that you’re going to find is the basis for the entire dance. This means that learning this move alone is your gateway to opening up even more moves in the near future. Once you have this down, you’re able to do just about anything with the dance - even come up with some pretty cool moves of your own while you’re on the dance floor!

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Where the Dance Originated

This was a popular dance in the 1920’s and 1950’s. Jazz music was a big part of the world then, and many people young and old learned how to dance this form of dance. During this day and age, women used to wear shorter skirts and dresses, and were sometimes referred to as “flappers.” They would dance in this particular way in clubs and bars, as well as for numerous other affairs.

History of swing

Swing dancing is also sometimes referred to as the Lindy Hop. It is based on numerous types of dances such as jazz dancing, breakaway, the Charleston and tap. The Swing Era officially opened in 1935, and was the most recognized dance, at this name, during this time. Though, many people were dancing this style previously.

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