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What is the Samba

The Samba is a dance that originated from Brazil. It is usually a very festive, colorful and fast paced dance that is done during events and other occasions to show off the heritage and culture of the specific place. It is a dance that provides those within the specified culture to show off their roots and who they are. Through the dance, there are both men and women that dance alongside one another to showcase their skills. Sometimes the dance becomes a pair, while others, one person is able to do all of the moves on their own.

There is also something known as Ballroom Samba. This is a slower paced version that requires two people. In addition, this dance can be done in a competitive type of way, instead of through events and other social gatherings. This is a preferred method for those that already know other types of ballroom dancing that can be done.

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Where the Samba Originated From

The Samba is a mix of different dances from a couple of places. However, most of those that dance the Samba know it from Brazil. This dance has been throughout this country since the 19th century, and continues to be one of the strongest rooted dances for the country currently. There is no original dance that can be claimed, since there are a set of different dances that all go together to make up Samba, leaving it one of those mysteries of where it came about, how it came about and what the original moves of the dance were. Since there are also different styles of the dance, depending on where you visit in Brazil, the dancers have slightly different movements from place to place. While this might be confusing to some, if you’re dancing it, you can choose to alter the movements in your own way or adapt to one of the many ways that are currently being used.

It is the dance for all of Brazil, no matter which area you visit, so you can find the dance throughout the streets during their festivities, or through videos of the country to show their specific dances. It has been unchanged, and unmoved for quite some time and there are not many other dances that are currently being offered throughout the country, making this one the number one dance.

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