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What is the Rumba

This dance is known to the Spanish, and also Africa. It is a fast paced dance that has a lot of colors and originality to it. With this being said, there is a lot that is going on when it comes to learning the dance and learning the most of what comes with it. The rumba requires the dancer to be able to keep up with the beat, dance to the music and stay in rhythm with the partner that they are with.

Unlike other traditional dances, this one has limited rules and the dancers are able to have fun with the dance that they choose to do. There are variations, as well; making it one of the most ideal dances to shake down and have a good time with. This is one of the more exciting dances out there and one that can provide you with a good time.

Dance rumba

Are you ready to cross the threshold and take the next step when it comes to doing a dance that you’re going to love, that you will feel and one that will stick with you for the rest of your life? Keep reading to find out even more.

Where the Dance Originates From

The dance comes from parts of Spanish countries, such as Cuba and provides a faster paced, eclectic music type that you’re able to move too easily. The word comes from the Spanish word, rumbo which means “party” or “spree” which puts a twist on the dance. It is a traditional ballroom type of dance that is done at parties, gatherings or for other contests and events that are held. These are where the judges will put a number on how well the pair danced the salsa. Though, everyone does not have to be competitive to learn the dance, or want to learn the dance and have fun with it.

There is a slower, sultry version, a faster, more upbeat version and then a slower, more polite version of the dance. When you learn, you can make it your own. However, in the traditional countries where it is danced, it is more of a traditional, slower and less graphic type of dancing that is done by both parties and generally in front of their friends and families on the dance floor.

Rumba is sometimes referred to as an “Afro-Cuban” type of dance because there are variations that can be found throughout parts of Africa. Depending on which you want to learn, one might be a better suited type of dance for you over another.

The rumba has been around for quite some time, and continues to be a popular dance throughout the world. Depending on the needs that you have, you can learn at your own pace or work on something else. Have fun with it when you learn the dance. Hundreds of thousands of people know it, and now you can be one of those people to have fun, let loose and rumba!

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