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What is belly dancing?

Belly dancing is a dance type that originated in the Middle East. It is unique in its style and costume and the popularity of it has spread around the globe. There are several styles of belly dance: Turkish, Harem Dance, American Tribal, Tribal Fusion, Cabaret, American Classic, Egyptian Baladi, Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Belly dance has many names: Oriental dance, Egyptian dance, Arabic dance, Middle-Eastern dance… In Arabic it is called Raqs Sharqi.

It is usually performed in colorful costumes accessorized with jewelry, scarves, coins and veils and can involve the use of snakes and other unusual items. Mostly dancers perform barefoot, as believed by many, to show connection to earth.

Belly dance with Idance Studio

Where is belly dancing from?

There is a debate about the origin of belly dance and a few possible locations where it might have come from are Middle East, Mediterranean, and North Africa. Movements in belly dance are naturally suited for a woman’s body and therefore it is a very feminine dance, although, historically, belly dance wasn’t performed to entertain men, as commonly thought. In fact, presence of men was not permitted during rituals at which belly dance was performed. Those rituals included preparation of a bride for marriage and fertility rites. Because of the exotic nature of a belly dance it became increasingly popular in the West and today anyone can learn to be a belly dancer whether you aspire to be a professional or to entertain friends and family. Despite of a fame of female dancers, men also perform belly dance.

Health benefits of belly dancing

Belly dancing is a great exercise and is considered beneficial to the health for many reasons. Naturally flowing hip, belly, and torso movements utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, spine, neck, pelvis, and trunk and visibly tighten the body, as well as increase blood circulation. It is also beneficial to a mind as it draws it away from everyday thoughts and hypnotizes into the intensity and beauty of the exotic dance.

For those who want to be fit and active but detest gyms and running, belly dancing can be the very activity that will provide desired results without the need to force oneself into monotone workouts. It is a fun way to the road to health, increased self esteem and happiness. Belly dance is a seemingly easy exercise that really gives huge results. Idance Studio offers belly dance lessons with the top instructors of New York to transform your everyday life into a beautiful dance.

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