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Steps and Movements for Learning How to Belly Dance

There are many basic steps and movements that you should know when it comes to belly dancing. Depending on the needs that you have, knowing these will put you in a better position to know what to expect from the lessons. So follow along, and make sure to keep them in mind when it comes to belly dancing during the lessons that you get from the instructors.

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Step 1: Dress the Part

When you dress for success, you’re able to learn much more from the dance. If you are playing the part, then make sure to play it well. You want to have something comfortable, loose fitting and that hugs your hips. You want to feel the fabric against your skin while you move to the music and in order to do this, the right clothes are necessary.

Step 2: Never Forget Your Warm Ups!

While belly dancing is an art form, it also requires a lot of muscles that you might not have even known existed. You want to ensure that you loosen your body up, stretch out those muscles and make sure to move with the beat. Usually, before starting the class, the instructor will walk you through some warm ups in the beginning so you can stretch out and get ready.

Step 3: Start at the Head, and Move Your Way Down

When you’re starting the dance, you want to start the movements with your head to the rhythm. From there, you can then move onto moving your shoulders, arms, belly and hips. However, you have to feel the music as you’re moving to it. You need to make sure that you’re moving in perfect synchrony with it. The only way for you to do this is through the right movement of the rest of your body. Listen to the instructor as they walk you through the necessary movements in the beginning.

Step 4: Learning to Roll Your Hips

When you’re belly dancing, a lot more goes into it then rhythm. You have to know how to roll your tummy and your hips in synchrony with the music. When you’re able to get the movements down with the rest of your body, your hips will loosen up and roll with the music, as well. Of course, watch yourself in the mirror and listen to your instructor as you do this, because you can learn a lot by watching and listening during this training.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything else that you do, practicing is always something that should be done. You want to make sure that you take your time as you go through the motions. You have to perfect the art form, and make sure that you watch yourself. When you know something is wrong, readjust and try again. The more you practice, the better you will be at knowing what to do, and not to do when the time comes.

Once you go through these steps, you will find that belly dancing is not as hard as you once thought. In fact, it is one of the easier dances to accomplish, especially if you’re being formally trained by an instructor. You want to make the most of the dance, and by following these steps; you can and you can feel good about it once you’ve accomplished it.

Show off your moves to your friends and family. Show someone else what you’re capable of doing with this dance, with this art form. Belly dancing is not something everyone can do, but when you’re done with the classes, you will be able to do it, so why not show it off to someone?

These steps are just recommendations for what needs to be done. There are more specific steps that are taught throughout the classes, as well as instructors that will show you the movements that need to be done. When you’re able to watch someone else do something, and have them show you what you need to do specifically, you will have an easier time learning the movements, instead of reading about them and trying to do them on your own without having the right amount of training.

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