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How to Dance the Hustle

When it comes to learning how to dance the hustle, you have to make sure that you have the right instructor by your side, but also have the right music that you’re dancing too. This is something that is not just going to come from whatever you’re listing too at the time. It has to be something that provides enough rhythm and tempo along with the moves that you’re doing to them. When you’re learning how to do the hustle dance, you can make sure that you loosen up and have fun with it. Just like the other dances out there, they should all be taken lightly and with fun.

Huste Dance

Having the Instructions for Dancing the Hustle

The hustle is a fast paced dance, that you do with a partner and it can become quite fun if you both are able to keep up with the moves and the music that is playing behind you. Through the use of the high intensity dance that you’re learning to do, you will be able to lose yourself and make sure to get much more from the dance, as a whole. The hustle line dance provides everyone with a way to take part in a dance that was meant for one and all. You can check out the hustle line dance and the moves that are needed to complete it.

Steps for Dancing the Hustle

You will need to know how to count the beats in the song, and use disco music to do this dance, but once you get the moves down, you can dance with the others that also know the songs and the moves that come with it.

Walk forward with the steps of the beat, and then follow the same amount of steps with the beat backwards.

Twirl to the right, then to the left with the music once the steps are taken.

You then point your finger up in the air, and then take it down and do this a few times with the music to match the counts of the steps and the twirl.

To finish up the hustle, you will then need to do the chicken dance and then change the way you face, as will everyone else, since it is a line dance. You then keep doing the moves over and over until the disco song has completed.

Huste Dance

Speaking with iDance can put you in a better position for the dancing that you want to have done, and you can learn the moves that are out there for the hustle. Grab a partner and make sure to check out the studios both online, and in Brooklyn, New York when the time comes. You can make the most of the dancing that is done.

+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
 1029 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235-5603