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How to Dance Samba

If you’re looking for a dance that is fast paced, exciting and can really show off your moves, then the Samba is the dance that you’re looking for. You can learn how to dance this dance, while also being able to shake it, and have a very colorful approach to the dancing that you’re doing. This is one of the best ways to learn how to dance the Samba. You can learn on your own terms, and then once you’re a pro at the dance, you can rock the stage. It is quite easy, and fun. You can bring in others that might want to learn more about the dance, as well. Having a history and understanding of the dance will help you appreciate the moves that you’re doing more.

Lessons in samba Idance Studios

Are you ready to rock the world with some new Samba dancing moves? Let’s get started….

There are a few different steps that you need to follow in order to properly dance the Samba. Depending on what type of Samba you’d like to dance, the music is going to be more upbeat and provide you with a way to do some fast dancing action. We will guide you through the necessary steps required in order to get the most from the Samba and all that it is able to provide you with. Look ahead to find out what is going to be required of you when you start the classes and start learning this fresh, fun and fast Brazilian dance…

Step 1 - Make Sure You Know How to Bend Your Knees!

Bending your knees is a lot of the dance, and this means knowing how to do it and that you’re doing it right is a good thing to keep in mind. While facing your partner, or facing towards the crowd (depending on whether or not you’re dancing with a partner or not) you bend your left knee, and step out to the left with the same leg. Bend the right foot across the left, and straighten that leg out again. Once you do this, switch sides and do the same thing with the right foot when you step to the side and down.

If you’re with your partner, and you’re the follower, you want to do the opposite side that they are doing. When they go to the left, you go to the right and continue switching sides like this.

Step 2 - It is Fast Paced!

Make sure that you keep up with the tempo as you go through the movements. The tempo is 100 beats, so this is a lot to keep in mind. Once you feel the music and do a run through of the moves, however you will feel much more comfortable being able to go much faster than how you started originally.

Step 3 - The Grand Finale

There is a classic ending to the Samba dance that you should be aware of. Though it is quite dramatic, it adds just the right amount of flair to the ending of the dance and shows that you’ve gone through all of the movements. Generally, dancing the Samba lasts throughout the song and throughout the knee bending movements, you move to the left and right and around; so you move and you bend, and then you dance to the song.

When you end the Samba, both dancers or if you’re alone, you throw your hands to the side and throw your head back with them. This signifies the end of the dance, and that you’ve put on the grand gesture to end it. You might feel silly at first, but it is something that has been done for quite some time at the end of the dance.

Step 4 - Practice, Practice, Practice

As always, with any dance that you choose to learn, you have to make sure that you practice as much as possible. You want to always give it your all, and learn from any mistakes that you make. While this dance is quite easy to learn, you might find yourself having a hard time getting proper footing, or you might feel a little awkward. If you let loose, feel the music and make sure to have a good time, you shouldn't have a problem.

Remember, practicing in front of a mirror is always an ideal thing to do because it can show you what you might be doing wrong, or even right. Plus, you can practice alone in front of a mirror and no one will be watching you, putting your mind at ease.

Tips for Dancing the Samba

Samba Dance with Idance

Some tips to keep in mind while dancing the Samba include all of what is mentioned about practicing, about paying attention and about having fun. However, here are a few more that you should be aware of:

  • All of the movements that you do should appear effortless and joyful so if you’re pushing yourself or being over dramatic with your movements, then this would be something frowned upon. Loosen up and have fun with the dance.
  • If you have bad knees, then this would not be the dance that you should choose to learn. There are a lot of movements that require you to bend your knees and move.
  • Samba is both progressive and stationary, so there might be points where you’re moving and others where you’re standing still.
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