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How Long Will it Take You to Learn?

Knowing how long something is going to take you to learn can be difficult to put a number on. Not only is everyone different, but sometimes additional help is needed during the dance. The person has to know more about what they should, and shouldn’t do during belly dancing. Though everyone is different, there is an ideal timeline that can be considered for an average on how long a person would take to learn belly dancing, if they were to take lessons, and not learn the dance on their own. Please keep in mind, everyone learns differently, and you want to ensure that you’re able to go through the movements and learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Skill belly dancing in our studio

Most dancers will learn the skill within a year or two of dancing. However, sometimes it might take long and there is always room for improvement. Not only is belly dancing something that takes time and something that requires you to loosen your body and movements up, but it is something that you should have fun with. You should never feel pressured into doing this type of dance when the time comes. You should always feel confident, feel sexy and feel willing to put your all into belly dancing. Many times women will go into the dance thinking that they can do it, only to give up. Don’t do this! It is something that is meant to be fun, to be rewarding. So get out there, and make sure to make the most of your belly dancing experience during the classes and outside of them!

You do not have to feel upset or worried if you do not get the concept or moves of belly dancing right away. Everyone is different, and if you find that a lot of the people in the class are further ahead then you are, you just have to speak with the instructor on some tips and tricks to get you up to where they are. Remember, practice makes prefect and if you’re bringing what you learn home, and watching yourself as you go through the movements, you should be able to get a hang of the dance in no time at all; providing you with the right movements and the most fun when the time comes. Become an advanced student, instead of just a beginner with just a little hard work and dedication on your part!

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