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How Do You Square Dance

When it comes to learning how do you square dance, you have to make sure that you learn some of the basic moves that come from hitting the floor and dancing around. You want to make sure that you choose the best way to learn how to square dance, since some people might not know exactly what the moves are, and you need someone that can walk you through each of them.

Square dancing came from the settlers that were first here, and it quickly became a way for people to dance. Though, it has also been varied depending on the type of music of the time, and the moves that the dancers do throughout the entire dance. It is however, a way for everyone to dance together and not worry about singling anyone out.

Step 1 - Everyone stands in a line or a circle, giving enough room for the entire line or circle to move in 90 degrees. This is something that you need to consider when getting into a line, do you have enough room to do the square dance?

Step 2 - It is a lot of kicking and moving. When you go around the circle, you do the same moves with the kicks, claps and jumps that go with the song. Generally, if you’re new to the song that they are dancing too, you can learn the moves from the partners or people next to you.

Step 3 - You want to make sure you’re dressed for the part. Put on your shirt and jeans, and place your boots on and hit the dirt. You can have a great time when it comes to square dancing with the right people, in the right place, with the right music.

Square Dance

One of the considerations to keep in mind when you want to know how do you square dance, is that there are many variations that go with the dancing that can be done. Choosing to square dance is a fun past time, and with the right moves, you can become a pro at the dance.

Right here is where you’re able to find many different lessons for the square dance that you want to learn. We have taught many people how to square dance, so that they can get into the lines and dance their hearts out without a care or worry in the world. They know the moves in the square dance, and they’re able to take the floor by storm.

When you’re ready to do some more learning and dancing, check out what we can provide you with and learn at your own pace.

+1 (585) 584-1914
+1 (917) 332-8474
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