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History of Dance

Dance is a big part of many cultures and it is a great way for many people and places to express their thoughts and feelings. Through the use of dances, you’re able to make the most of the music that you listen to, but also the way that you move your body. When it comes to the history of dancing, you should consider the fact that no one knows for sure how long dance has actually been around on the world, so it is safe to say that some of the history of dance that we have is pretty old, but dancing itself, might actually be much older.

History of Dance

The History of Dance Dating Back

Some of the oldest indications of dance in history is in 3300 B.C. where it is shown in many different drawings, and even on tablets and sculptures. Throughout history, dancing has been one of the highest and best used forms of ceremonies, rituals and other forms of dancing. Through the use of this body movements, many stores could also be told and they could personalize the dances to their specific tribe, culture or other group or even to themselves.

Though it is something that is not regularly thought of, dance can incorporate just about any movements that you can think of, making it one of the most versatile ways for people to show off their moves and their meanings. It can also be used when communication is not possible through words, which also makes it highly valuable for those people that are not able to communicate.

When dancing was around, it was something that could be done to any type of music that the particular person or people had to work with at the time. Music was always made using specific instruments that were thought of throughout the years, and even lyrics that would be made up by those that were in charge of the music section of the area.

Used for Many Reasons in the Past

When it comes to dance in the history of the world, it was used for so many different reasons such as being able to heal the people throughout their cultures, and be able to show off their religion followings, in addition to telling stories with their expressive body languages that the rest of the people in the tribe are able to feel and follow along with the moves that are being done.

Music can provide a person with a basis to showcase so much more than their moves, but also allow their feelings and other properties to shine bright when the use the music and feel it to showcase the movement of their bodies, as well.

As times moved forward, dancing was used in large get togethers and balls to showcase the royalty and beauty of those that attend. This is also something that is used largely for many different romantic reasons, but in the past, especially in the Europe regions, this dance is used as a form of expression and love and when it is being used, it can showcase the intentions of those around the people that are dancing.

History of Dance

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