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Glow in the Dark Dance

Glow in the Dark Dances are quickly increasing in popularity!  With the large quantity of glow in the dark products existing you can throw your own, memorable, Glow Dance!

There are many different names that this type of Dance, whether you call it a Glow-in-the-Dark Dance, Glow Dance, Black Light Dance, or Neon Dance this article will help you think through everything.

Black Light Dance

Setting up your Room

Keep in mind that for this type of party to work, you will need to have your dance in an area that you will be able to make as dark as possible. If the dance is during the day and there are windows in the area where the dance is going to take place, you will need to cover the windows with scrap cardboard, black construction paper, or even a roll of butcher paper. Obviously you will need to keep in mind some safety considerations. Due to the room having to be dark ensure that there is plenty of space within the middle of the room and that area is clutter free.

Making your Glow-In-The-Dark Dance Safe

A dance with a lot of middle school teenagers in a dark space can lead to injuries or mishaps – especially once these teenagers get all sugared up!  Ensure that the area is clear of any unnecessary furniture and/or clutter that may cause someone to trip or bang a body part into. Using Gaffer Taper is one of the easier ways to keep your Glow-In-The-Dark Dance safe. Gaffer tape can be used in order to create guides to your entrances and exits; it can be used to bring attention to any steps, or even be used to outline the dance area. One of the easiest ways to keep your room safe is by using Gaffer Tape that shows up under the black light.


Being Creative with your Decorations

Your Glow-In-The-Dark dance decorations are a fundamental part of the glow dance experience! You will need to consider ceiling and wall decorations, table decorations, and even ways to decorate your guests!  Many of the conventional party decorations will illuminate in a black light.  Balloons, streamers, and many of the themed decorations that can be purchased at your local party store will have an exceptional look.  But you don’t have to stick to classic party decor – Creative ideas abound.

There are a number of items that you can buy that are ready for use. Using glow sticks or glow bracelets to add to the tables, or place inside things, as well as using them for tickets. A trendy Glow-In-The-Dark dance trick is placing a glow stick inside of a balloon. Or you can get even more creative with streamers, markers, paints, posters, and more it up to you.

Using a Black Light

While many of your dance decorations will be of items that glow on their own, a black light will be an essential need for your dance. Keep in mind the area that you are holding your dance in, black lights come in different sizes. Depending on the size of the area you may need to purchase several black lights, you may be able to purchase black light bulbs to replace regular bulbs in the light fixtures that are already in the area.

Music and Dancing

Make sure that you choose the music type that your guests will enjoy.  Hook up a stereo or sound system and make a set list that will get the teenagers up and dancing.  Rave, Techno and other Electronic genre music is considered to be the most suitable for a Glow-In-The-Dark dance.

Since your guests are teenagers they will be doing a lot of dancing, jumping, and spinning ensure that your dance area is wide and clear of clutter. Hold a Glow-In-The-Dark dance competition and hand out glowing prizes to the winners.


There is no reason why your food tables cannot be lit up as well. There are many recipes that are delicious and fun.  Keep in mind that anything that is neon colors or white will do the trick.  Cupcakes with white frosting, neon colored Jell-O, sweet tarts and other brightly colored candies. Decorate the food tables will help make the Glow-In-The-Dark dance even more electric.  Using a black tablecloth splattered with neon paint and a black light over the table.

Crafts & Activities

Keeping those teenagers interested as well as occupied may be tricky task. Ensure that you have plenty of activities and crafts that will keep them interested. Put up a station that is filled with neon colored puffy paint that they can use to decorate shirts that they bring or wear. Cover a wall with black paper, and use neon colored markers and let them show off their artistic talent. Set up a table with UV-Reactive Paper, gaffer tape, and other common craft supplies that will glow under a black light and let them create mask. There are endless possibilities, get creative!

Glow in the dark prizes, goodies, and more

There are two categories of items that can be considered a glow in the dark goodie for your dance.  There is are the items that glow on their own such as glow sticks, light wands and glow paint and then there are the items that are of a fluorescent nature and illuminated by the use of a black light.  With both types of glow in the dark goodies there are endless possibilities for your dance to be a success. Get creative this is what makes a glow dance come to life! Fiber optic gifts, wands, bracelets, glow sticks, and even more – there is an abundance of options for freebees, prizes, and even gifts.

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