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6 Dance Theme Ideas for School Dances

Below we have gathered several popular dance theme ideas for middle school aged children that will get them excited and want to come to the dance. Or for those of you who may want more for your dance than that ordinary “out of the box” solution. These theme ideas have been designed and created with that hard to entertain and keep happy school teenager in mind.

Theme Ideas for School Dances

1. Amazing 80’s Dance

The 80’s were a very unique time. It was filled with loud colors, extreme fashion, and sky high hair dos, as well as forever defining music. In order to throw a successful 80’s theme dance you will want to include as many 80’s nostalgic ideas as well as item as you can think of.

  • Fill the area that you are using for your dance with icon’s from the 80’s
  • The next best thing about this dance is dressing the part - On posters, flyers, and other advertisements for the dance ensure that you let the teenagers know that they are welcome to dress up in an 80’s fashion sense. Use legwarmers, dark sunglasses, side ponytails, excessive rubber bracelets, fingerless gloves, shoulder pads, high top sneakers
  • Give out prizes for the funkiest outfit, the most rubber bracelets, loudest makeup, and of course the biggest hair
  • The 80’s were defined by its music - Make your play list of music filled with hit songs from the 80’s – make sure to include, Michael Jackson, Airsupply, Tiffany, The Police, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Madonna, Prince, U2, Aerosmith, R.E.M and Whitney Houston
  • Hold a dance competition that is formed from moves of the 80’s

2. Masquerade Dance

“Masquerade” comes from the “masque” in French which is translated into the word “mask.” The European aristocrats were famous for hosting masquerade balls for many guest.

  • For tickets use mask instead of the standard paper ticket – Cut paper into the shape of a eye mask and decorate them with glitter, feathers, and/or sequence
  • For decorations use masks, feathers, beads, and tissues
  • Choose colors that are flamboyant
  • Encourage students to dress for the dance boys wear formal suits and girls wear long formal dresses or gowns
  • Hold a mask making competition and give out prizes for the most creative mask – Best female costume – Best male costume – Best dressed couple – Best dancing couple
  • Avoid using harsh lighting – if possible use dimmers – hang lanterns – creating a focus point on the dance floor
  • As guests arrive provide them with an assortment of crowns, tiara, boas, feathers etc.

3. Vegas Baby!!

  • Use casino chips or even show tickets instead of the basic plain paper dance ticket
  • Decorate with blinking lights, casino signs, make it very flashy-think Las Vegas
  • Use non-gambling casino tables for games and entertainment – give out fun prizes – use play money that they can turn in for a prize
  • Use play money, cards, dice, etc. to decorate your dance area

4. Tropical Para-Dance

  • Use tropical trees, sun, sand, as well as surfing décor to decorate your dance area
  • Encourage kids to dress in tropical/flowered apparel
  • Serve tropical snacks and punch
  • Set up a surf board and ocean backdrop for a picture booth

5. Hollywood Stars!!

  • Roll out the red carpet at the entrance of your dance to welcome all of the stars
  • Use lots of red and gold colors and put Big stars everywhere – have some extra on hand and let the kids write their names on them and place them on a wall of fame
  • Encourage students to dress up as their favorite Hollywood stars
  • Use trophies as awards for the best dramatic entrance, best dancer, best dressed, the possibilities are endless here

6. Avatar

Everyone young as well as old has fallen for this astonishing movie!!

  • Use tropical décor, draping tulle or netting in order to create a misty look to decorate the area you are having your dance in. Use house plants or fake plants to create a lush environment
  • Encourage teenagers to dress “Pandora” style – Blue – Black – or silver clothing
  • Blue, blue, blue and more blue – blue balloons, blue décor, blue punch the more blue the more interesting
  • Set up a station with blue hairspray and blue makeup where the kids can paint themselves blue – oh fun!
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